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What is Trichotillomania? Everything You Need To Know

 Trichotillomania is a mental health disorder that leads to the compulsion to pull out one’s hair. Though sufferers of trichotillomania do tend to pull one hair at a time from a specific spot on the head, the hair-pulling is significant enough to cause bald spots to appear. Trichotillomania can also present as pulling or picking at skin and nails, but hair pulling is the most common sign of the disorder. 

Long-term effects of trichotillomania

 Trichotillomania does not present the same way in every sufferer. Some individuals pull from eyebrows or eyelashes. Some pull only a few hairs, which might be annoying but rarely leads to long-term problems. For many, trichotillomania can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and stress injuries. Trichotillomania leads to the possibility of infection, especially if hair pulling is accompanied by repeat scratching or other types of self-harm. In extreme cases, Trichotillomania may lead to permanent bald patches. This can necessitate hair transplants.

Causes of trichotillomania

 Those who suffer from trichotillomania are often sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. They often experience anxiety and depression as well. Some people with trichotillomania have obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. For other people, trichotillomania is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. In many cases, the cause of trichotillomania is not known. Though the root of the disorder cannot always be traced, therapists do have multiple effective treatments for most sufferers.

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Treatments for trichotillomania Includes Hair Transplants

 Individuals with trichotillomania may need psychotherapy and/or medication to combat the disorder. While undergoing treatment for the disorder, sufferers may need to find ways to cover the bald spots. Some will choose wigs and other types of hairpieces. Hair transplants offer a good alternative for those who have permanent hair loss due to the condition. Trichotillomania is somewhat common in young children. They generally outgrow the condition. If they do not, they can benefit from psychological therapy. It is important to note that trichotillomania can be hard to diagnose because many people feel embarrassment over hair pulling. Rather than admitting to pulling hair themselves, they may blame the hair loss on alopecia or medical disorders.

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