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Tips For Caring For Your Hair Transplant In Winter

Are you planning on getting a hair transplant in Calgary or just recently finished a hair transplant procedure? In order to get the best possible results, you have to take care of your hair properly – especially during the winter season. Here are some hair care tips to ensure you get the most out of your procedure.

Take It Easy on the Exercise

At least for the first few weeks, you have to go easy on the exercise. You want to avoid sweating too much as it can increase the chances of you getting an infection. Keep it limited to low-intensity exercises like slow walks to the park if you feel you need to get moving. Avoid exercises like weightlifting, jogging, or running which can lead to heavy sweating.

Wear Comfortable Hats

It’s normal to want to cover up your recent Calgary hair transplant with a hat. But when you do choose a hat, make sure you buy one with a fabric that isn’t irritating. You also want to make sure the hat doesn’t fit too tightly as it can cause skin irritation and excess sweating. If it’s an older hat, make sure you give it a good wash to get rid of the oils and dirt that may be set in on the fabric.

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Avoid Foods that Can Cause Inflammation

You also want to take care of your diet after your hair transplant in Calgary. Take it easy on refined carbs, sugar, processed meat, and transfats. You also want to avoid alcohol. Inflammation can help hinder the healing process and cause the scalp to be more sensitive than normal. It also affects blood circulation which can result in longer healing times.

Keep Indoor Temperatures Optimized

With the cold weather outside, most of us will want to crank up the heating indoors. As mentioned earlier, you want to avoid sweating after your Calgary hair transplant. Excessive sweating can lead to a greater risk of infection. To avoid this, you want to set the thermostat a little lower than usual. It also helps to purchase and install smart thermometers. These thermometers regulate temperature so that the heating only gets turned on when temperatures drop.

Following these tips will ensure that you recover from your hair transplant properly. It will also help you avoid common issues like infections and scalp irritation which often occur due to poor post-care.

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