The Benefits of Latisse for Men

The Benefits of Latisse in Calgary

Latisse is typically known for its effectiveness in lengthening eyelashes in 4 to 16 weeks, where lashes can grow an astounding 25% longer. Latisse can be used with prescription eye drops and an application brush. A health physician typically prescribes this product as a remedy for a perpetual short eyelash condition for both men and women. Although Latisse in Calgary may have garnered the reputation of being a product solely beneficial to women, it will also provide many benefits to men. It will do wonders in lengthening the eyelashes of anyone who needs a boost in lash length. 

Understand the advantages of applying Latisse to areas lacking hair growth, what Latisse is, and how it works wonders for men who need it! 

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a fairly new lash serum that was approved by the FDA in 2008 after a number of clinical trials were successfully conducted by doctors and has since gained substantial popularity. The main ingredient used in Latisse, Bimatoprost, which is used to treat glaucoma by relieving pressure from the eye, can also work to lengthen the growth cycle on eyelashes. Latisse is primarily used to address short eyelashes; whether a condition or genetics stunts the growth of the eyelashes, Latisse can stimulate substantial and healthy growth. 

What to expect when using Latisse

Because side effects can vary from person to person when using a product like Latisse, a prescription from a health professional is typically required to manage any symptoms and side effects. Upon receiving a prescription of Latisse, you can experience overt and stunning results when using it consistently. Although it varies depending on the individual, some have documented that they’ve seen results within four weeks, with full growth documented at 16 weeks. When you discontinue applying Latisse on your eyelashes, it can take a couple of weeks for your lashes to revert to their average length. 





Application and side effects

Application of Latisse tends to take place at night after your face has been cleansed. A Latisse prescription comes in a bottle, dropper, and applicator brush. You should place one drop onto the brush and place the brush on your upper eyelid. Use a different brush before applying Latisse on the other eye, and discard every brush you use. The side effects of Latisse can include slight itchiness and reddening where you apply it, dryness of the eye, and skin darkening around the eye. These side effects can be quelled with at-home remedies and ultimately reversed. 


Benefits for men 

While Latisse in Calgary is a cosmetic treatment that is closely associated with befitting the appearance of women, it is also a reliable solution for men who want to produce growth effects for lashes. Men with conditions like alopecia, which prohibit full growth of lashes, or any growth, can trust the application of Latisse to encourage growth. While Latisse has not yet been an approved remedy to treat alopecia, you can consult your healthcare professional to weigh out the potential advantages or adverse effects of Latisse. Latisse can also be greatly beneficial for men who have conditions such as hypertrichosis, where lashes can be stunted on either the top or bottom of the eye, and growth can be stimulated with Latisse. 


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