How Much Does Non-surgical Hair Restoration Cost?

Non-surgical hair restoration Calgary Cost

Hair loss is a naturally occurring process that no one looks forward to and can induce feelings of innate dread. Because a person’s head of hair provides so much in terms of appearance and a sense of personal security, when it begins to dissipate, it can be upsetting for anyone. To regenerate lost hair, you can receive non-surgical hair restoration in Calgary, which can include various methods, including scalp micropigmentation, certain medications, and various laser treatments. Although the cost of these treatments might become a deterrence, this is a factor you need to research so you can budget accordingly and accurately. 

Find out what you need to know about non-surgical hair restorative treatments, what they are and how much they will cost. 


Micropigmentation is an effective treatment for anyone with thinning hair, a receding hairline, or who is suffering from alopecia. Using sterilized needles that will penetrate your scalp, a micropigmentation treatment is meant to make a head full of hair look much fuller than it actually is. This treatment tends to take a few hours, and multiple sessions will be needed for best results, and side effects include minor itchiness and irritation, which should subside after a couple of days. 


Collagen-induced therapy (CIT) is the process that consists of taking blood samples. They spin these blood samples in a centrifuge machine, where the blood cells are separated. Your healthcare professional will then numb your scalp and will inject the separated blood cells into your scalp. This non-invasive treatment will help as the injected samples consist of high traces of platelets, stimulating and encouraging hair growth. This type of treatment only takes about an hour, but multiple sessions are needed for best results. CIT can also be paired with other restorative treatments, like hair transplants and microneedling. 


Microneedling is a treatment typically used to combat aging and skin conditions varying in severity, but it can be an effective method to help with hair loss. The treatment of microneedling involves the penetration of the skin with numerous minuscule needles that will cause minor bleeding. This treatment stimulates new production of collagen and elastin that renews skin, which, in turn, will help encourage new hair growth and hair follicle regeneration. This procedure is particularly helpful when paired with CIT for treating conditions that cause hair loss, like alopecia. Before you get this procedure done by a professional, you must speak with your primary health physician to see if it’s right for you. 


There are medications available for you to take that can induce hair growth. Medications can include the FDA-approved finasteride and minoxidil, which can be successfully paired with the aforementioned non-surgical procedures to further encourage growth. For those who experience male pattern baldness, finasteride can be a helpful preventive measure as it stops the conversion of testosterone into the hormone that accelerates male pattern baldness. Minoxidil is believed to stimulate blood flow in the head, eventually promoting hair growth. 


The cost of these methods of non-surgical hair restoration in Calgary depends on certain factors, such as the scope of the hair loss that needs to be treated, but some of the treatments mentioned are quite affordable. Microneedling can cost anywhere between $300 to $700, while CIT costs between $600 to $3500. The cost of scalp micropigmentation will vary widely, whereas a baseline treatment will be priced anywhere between $1000 to $3000. The cost of medications will also be dependable on factors like where you live, but typically, they are priced around $70 to $120, which will need to be paid every three months. It should be noted that these regenerative hair methods will probably not be covered by your health insurance plans. 

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