How Does the Capillus Laser Cap Work?

Are you noticing the first signs of hair loss? If so, seeing this sudden change can be rather jarring and can potentially negatively impact your self-esteem. Thankfully, however, various hair treatments can promote not only hair growth but also softer, shinier, and healthier hair! 

One hair treatment some have taken a liking to has been through laser therapy caps, which are known mainly as Capillus Laser Cap. 

If you have been curious about this particular treatment, continue reading below to see if this is right for you! 

What is a Capillus Laser Cap?

Laser-based therapy for stimulating hair growth is available in various devices like helmets, combs, and even headbands. However, the Capillus Laser Cap sets itself apart as a laser therapy that comes in the form of a cap. The Capillus Laser Cap’s appeal comes from that. It’s casual headwear styled like a baseball cap that you can slip on and allow for more hair growth at the same time. In essence, a rather low maintenance treatment for encouraging your hair to grow more. 

How Does it Work as Laser Therapy?

So, how does laser therapy work inside a cap? 

When you look into the inside of the Capillus Laser Cap, there are lower laser diodes positioned all around the cap’s dome. The laser diodes emit photons to penetrate the scalp. Once it does, it targets your hair follicles by increasing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. What this does is that it helps invigorate cells by promoting blood flow and nutrient transport. It then becomes a great recipe for stimulating hair growth and metabolism. 

You may notice that it emits a red light or looks infrared orange in colour when you first put it into use. It may seem like something too hot to put on your head at first glance. But, the cap’s dome is fitted with a hypoallergenic polymer to help you feel comfortable while using it. Additionally, it’s made with breathable material, and most caps are flexible enough to fit on most people’s heads. 

How to Use a Capillus Laser Cap?

It’s quite easy to use! Capillus Laser Caps only need to be worn for six minutes daily. You can see great results if you’re consistent with it for the most part. There isn’t anything to it but putting it on and letting it do its work! 

Is a Capillus Laser Cap Right for Me?

The beauty behind a Capillus Laser Cap is its treatment that anyone can use. Yet, depending on how severe your hair loss is, it might not be the treatment for you. For the most part, it’s recommended treatment for those who are going through the earlier stages of hair loss and can reduce further hair loss and thinning by regrowing them. Plus, it will only really work for you if you can stay consistent with it to notice a difference. 

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