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Hair Restoration: 7 Interesting Facts About Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that plagues many people, but there are probably some things about hair loss that you don’t know. These 7 facts might get you thinking about hair restoration

1. Hair Loss Does Not Only Affect Older People

One of the most shocking facts about hair loss is that some of the symptoms of male pattern baldness can begin to appear in men as young as 21 years old. Many young men are seeking out hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration procedures as a result of this fact. 

2. Males Are Not the Only Ones Affected

While hair loss is considered to be more common for men, women are also affected by the phenomenon. In fact, the average person loses between 50 and 100 hairs every day. 

3. 9/10 Men Cite Hair Loss as a Top Concern

It’s no secret that men are concerned about hair loss, but it’s surprising that almost 100% of men have the fear. It’s no wonder Calgary hair restoration clinics are seeing an increase in patients. 

4. Not Everyone Will Experience Hair Loss

Thankfully, not everyone will experience the troubles of hair loss, but for those who are, surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures are accessible to both men and women. 

5.  85% of People Can’t Recognize a Hair Transplant Procedure

Some people’s biggest fear when it comes to hair transplants is that there will be noticeable signs of the procedure. In fact less than 15% of people can actually identify a Calgary hair transplant when they see one.  

6. Hair Restoration Improves Quality of Life

The number of people that rank a new head of hair of greater importance than money, friends and intimacy is shocking. However, this fact  makes more sense when you consider that hair loss can have drastic effects on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. 

7. Hair Restoration Options

Follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction are common surgical hair restoration procedures. Some clinics also offer platelet-rich-plasma therapy as well as non-surgical hair restoration through medical treatments or even scalp micropigmentation.  

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