Do Hair Clinics Give Free Consultations

Do hair clinics in Calgary offer free consultations 

Most hair clinics offer free consultations where the physicians understand your situation and discuss available options. Free hair consultation at a renowned hair clinic in Calgary evaluates the potential and present hair loss trend. That way, it helps to undertake the recommended course of action.

Consultation with a qualified specialist is free of charge. Furthermore, you would receive an estimation of the procedure that you may require. From the initial consultation to successful hair treatment, you would be attended to by professional and knowledgeable staff as they aim to provide you with the best possible treatment and care.

What happens during a consultation at hair clinics?

The primary recommendation is free of charge at a reputable hair clinic in Calgary. During the initial appointment, they will examine the cause of the hair thinning. Next, they will explore different types of hair restoration treatments that suit your present condition.

They will also suggest a personalized treatment plan according to your age, extent of hair loss, expected outcome, and the cost of the procedure. Hair clinics would use sophisticated devices to inspect the condition of skin and hair. Also, you would be asked a few questions that help them understand the condition.

The questions they may ask can include general information about your lifestyle and current well-being. These problems could be linked to family history, diet, lifestyle, medications, and present haircare regime. 

Familiarize yourself with the treatment

Typically, men can experience hair loss as early as 16 years, and it is also possible for women to experience hair thinning at any age as well. However, the good news is that if proper attention and care start early, it might be possible to avoid total hair loss. When the initial consultation ends, you will know if your present hair loss can be treated. Based on the condition, they will develop an action plan for you, and you can schedule a second appointment if you need more details. You may receive a detailed brochure during the free consultation session. You can familiarize yourself with the different surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

What follows a free consultation?

After finding the cause of hair loss, they would discuss the course of treatment with you. Treatments are gender-specific and vary from one person to another. In addition, the therapies and treatments are safe and healthy.

The treatment helps males avoid hair loss and prevent follicular miniaturization. Lots of patients are undergoing hair regrowth. And, there are no side effects to the treatment available at the best hair clinics around. However, you should continue the entire treatment course to get better results. For females experiencing hair issues, the treatment depends on several factors. In most cases, hormonal imbalance and specific health conditions might be the reasons. Other causes include menopause, anemia, breastfeeding, and stress.


The experienced and trained team at the best hair clinic knows the ins and outs of a successful hair loss treatment. Therefore, they take care to make it work for patients. Contact them and schedule a free appointment today.

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