5 Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Restoration Surgery

The celebrities are just like us! It would seem that male pattern baldness has no respect for age or social status. If you’re on the fence about getting hair restoration surgery in Calgary, consider the experiences of these 5 celebrities.



Life Changing Hair Transplant


James Nesbitt is a 47-year-old actor. Like many men, Nesbitt was seriously concerned about his hair loss. He has since had two hair transplants that have, according to the star, “changed his life.” Surgical hair restoration could change your life as well!


Hair Restoration Poster Child


Elton John has the voice of an angel, but that didn’t save him from experiencing male pattern baldness in his thirties. While it’s unclear which procedure Elton John went with, it was likely either Follicular Unit Transplantation or Follicular Unit Extraction. Regardless of the method, he has now become the poster child for surgical hair restoration.


Hell’s Kitchen Hair Transplant


Gordon Ramsay has admittedly had multiple medical cosmetic procedures, including Follicular Unit Extraction. That’s right, Ramsay’s wavy luscious locks are thanks to surgical hair restoration. Unfortunately, a new head of hair hasn’t made the Hell’s Kitchen star any kinder.


Stayin’ Alive With Hair Restoration


1970’s teenage heartthrob John Travolta is also well known for his hair restoration surgery. Travolta’s hair loss is a drastic contrast to the full head of hair donned by his famous character, Danny Zuko from Grease. Surprisingly, Travolta’s surgery wasn’t that long ago; we guess he finally decided he “better shape up” and now he’s giving us all a second dose of Saturday Night Fever!


Big Brother Hair Transplants


Calum Best is a model and Celebrity Big Brother star. His hair loss began in his early twenties and was a source of concern, uneasiness, and low self-esteem for Best. After embracing surgical hair restoration, Calum Best says his multiple procedures have done wonders for his self-esteem.


These five celebrities serve as proof that surgical hair restoration can transform your life!


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