Hair Science Formula 82M – Compounded Minoxidil Formula




82 M – Compounded Minoxidil Formula


A Uniquely Engineered Formulation Providing an Alternative Solution for Hair Loss


Minoxidil Sulfate is an active metabolite which has been shown in studies to stimulate hair growth. It has been the number one topical therapy for Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) since receiving FDA clearance in the US in 1988.


Formula 82M contains (5%) Minoxidil and Tretinoin, along with a topical steroid to improve efficacy and reduce irritation, complimented by other proprietary ingredients that improve the formula’s overall effectiveness, stability and usability.


Increased Efficacy With Retinoic Acid And Minoxidil


The addition of Retinoic Acid increases the efficacy of Minoxidil. A topical steroid improves efficacy and reduces irritation, and a 5-alpha reductase blocker increases efficacy. Formula 82M contains all of these previously proven ingredients and now in a Propylene Glycol-free base. However, more importantly, their proprietary solubilizing and stabilizing process appears to markedly improve drug delivery and shelf life.


120mL (2 x 60mL)

2 Month Supply


*This is a prescription medication. Our office will contact you to authorize the dispensing of the product.