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How To Take Care Of Your Head After A Hair Transplant

Hair transplants can produce dramatic results after several months. However, it’s important to follow proper care after you’ve just gotten a transplant. Here is what you need to do following your hair transplant procedure.

7 Steps To Take Care After Your Transplant 

1. Keep Your Head Elevated While Sleeping

For the first few days, you should try to keep your head elevated at a 45-degree angle while sleeping. This is to reduce swelling and pressure to the transplanted areas. You can use an extra pillow to keep your head elevated.

2. Avoid Certain Foods and Medications

Eating certain foods can cause inflammatory reactions, especially if you tend to be allergic to them. Talk to your doctor about which foods and medications to avoid. Aspirin is a common medication that you should avoid.

3. Ice Packs Can Help

Applying ice packs to your forehead can help reduce the swelling. Make sure that it’s not too cold. You can add additional cloth to reduce the coldness. You can apply an ice pack every two to three hours for 15 minute periods.

4. Take the Recommendation Medication

Your doctor will prescribe medication to you following the procedure. Make sure you take them as recommended. You may also opt for painkillers, but ask your doctor to see which ones you can take.

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5. Don’t Overexert Yourself

Do not expose yourself to physical exercise and stressful work situations for at least a week after your procedure. You do not want to trigger an inflammatory response that affects your hair transplant.

6. Learn to Wash Your Hair Properly
Your doctor will give you recommendations on how to wash your hair, especially the transplanted area. You have to be very careful not to pull out the roots during the first few weeks.

7. Wait Two to Three Weeks Before Going Back to Everyday Hair Care

You should wait two to three weeks before doing things like combing your hair, scratching your head, using hair dryers, using styling products, and dying your hair. You want to give your hair a recovery period.

Hair transplants tend to be successful for most patients. However, you can still affect the results if you do not follow proper care after your transplant.

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