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Do you find you have an area on your eyebrow or beard that is just missing something? Do you have a scar on your beard or eyebrows? Thought there was nothing you could do about it? Trust our experts for your facial hair transplant.

Beards and eyebrows are all unique and require expertise and attention to make sure you’re choosing the best option. At Prime Hair Clinic we know that all facial hair is important. It can help define your look, express emotion and add to your overall appearance. Over-plucking or scars in these areas can cause a patchiness or uneven look, with a hair transplant our experts can help restore those areas and add density and shape back to your facial hair. 

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Men who have patches of non-hairy areas along the beard or mustache regions make good candidates. Beard transplantation can also be done on men to conceal scars on their faces due to burns, surgery, or acne. A beard transplant can also be performed on men who prefer a stubbly appearance on their chin or those who want to grow sideburns, but have the kind of facial hair growth that is sparse or scattered. If you have very little hair to begin with your expectations must be realistic. Another consideration is the availability of donor hair as this is a finite resource and may be better served for the scalp.

An eyebrow transplant is a great treatment for those who spent years over-plucking their eyebrows and now have thin to nonexistent eyebrows, or have lost density due to age and other hair conditions. Our eyebrow transplant treatment is also perfect for those who have scars through facial injury/burning and to fill in gaps. We work with you to design a new and natural looking brow and/or fill out thin areas to create fullness and definition.

There are many possible donor sites to harvest from. The key is donor availability and matching donor hair quality/texture to that of the recipient area. Possible areas include the back of the head, from the beard, and from body hair.

Transplanted hair tends to grow the same as it would in its original location. In other words scalp hair transplanted to the face will grow like scalp hair, and not necessarily like facial hair. Proper grooming is essential and it is very possible to ‘train’ the transplanted hair to behave in a manner more consistent with the surrounding hair.

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It’s time for you to permanently increase the fullness of your eyebrows! Get the lines and body you’ve always dreamed of. Stop painting on something that’s not there and instead show of your own natural hair!

Donor hair is carefully removed from selected areas and will then be transplanted one by one into recipient sites designed meticulously by our physicians to give you a superior aesthetic. Our world leading anesthetic technique means you can stay comfortably awake for the procedure without experiencing pain.

Create the beard you want and get the respect you deserve. We have been performing these surgeries for years and possess the experience and technical prowess that operating on your face demands.

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