The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Dealing with hair loss is tough enough without the added pressure of finding the right treatment. Many men in Calgary are unaware of how many hair transplant treatments are available to combat hair loss.

A full head of hair is possible with various treatment options that cater to specific hair loss needs and comfort.

Types of Treatments Available

The Non-Surgical Route

Generally, non-surgical avenues are the first option when experiencing hair loss for the first time. 

Starter treatments include:

Oral Medication – Propecia (a drug called Finasteride) helps combat hair loss by blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a hormone that causes genetically susceptible hair follicles to grow smaller until they eventually disappear completely. 

Topical Medication – Sometimes a hands-on treatment is best. Various medicated shampoos can help, but the best topical treatment is Rogaine (known as Minoxidil 5%). It acts as a fertiliser to promote hair growth. Combined with oral medication like Finasteride can see stunning results. 

Laser Caps – If you have patience and consistency, the light from the laser caps helps to improve hair density. It’s as easy as wearing it for a minimum of six minutes and helps slow down hair loss in its early stages.

Cosmetic Solutions – The illusion of a full head of hair is sufficient for some folks. Many opt for using products like Toppik that utilise keratin powder, which uses the same proteins hair is made up of. It’s fast-acting and is a good temporary solution. 

If the basics leave you disappointed, you can go a tier above and see if these solutions might do the trick.

Scalp Micropigmentation – If your favourite hairstyle is a freshly shaven look, then this treatment is a great permanent cosmetic solution to hair loss. The procedure involves a special form of tattooing by using fine needles to give pigment to the scalp that gives the illusion of hair. This solution is perfect for any stage of hair loss. 

Platelet Rich Plasma – Relatively non-invasive, this procedure involves small injections of your blood with centrifuge to create a layer of platelet rich plasma. This layer can help stimulate and nourish hair follicles. It’s an even better treatment if you already have some hair to begin with.

The Surgical Route 

If all else fails – the surgical approach is best. According to professionals, it’s recommended that young men not go for this approach.

Currently, there are two different techniques for hair restoration to compare.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – Known as strip harvesting, it removes tissue from the back of your scalp. After, follicular units are removed from the strip. Once harvested, there should only be a thin, linear scar left behind. This method is the best for achieving maximum fullness and coverage. 

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) – Compared to FUT, FUE harvests individual follicular units through circular punch blades. This method is a lot more subdued with invasiveness and can give good results too.

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