When people think about hair loss, the first image that comes to mind is a balding man. It’s probably the universal example to reference. However, it begs the question if the fairer sex faces hair loss issues.

And if so, is it possible for women to receive hair restoration?

It’s a question worth answering for women possibly experiencing hair loss, wondering if finding hair restoration in Calgary would be suitable for them.

How Do Women Lose Hair?

Women aren’t immune to hair loss. Hair loss might be a more common condition in men, but it doesn’t mean women aren’t at risk. A female equivalent of male pattern baldness exists, known as female pattern baldness or alopecia. 

Like its male counterpart, female pattern baldness is believed to be inherited through genetics, aging, and hormones. Women like actress Jada Pinkett Smith exemplify how women can be susceptible to this condition, with approximately 40% of women experiencing signs of thinning hair by age 50. 

However, alopecia isn’t the only culprit for hair loss in women.

Here are a few other reasons for it to occur:

  • cancer treatment (i.e. chemotherapy)
  • hairstyles that pull excessively from the scalp
  • excessive estrogen loss from either menopause or pregnancy
  • medical conditions (i.e. thyroid problems)
  • extreme stress
Bald woman lost her hair during chemotherapy cure.

How is Hair Loss in Women Different?

Unlike male-pattern baldness, hair loss isn’t noticeable from the temples and isn’t going away rapidly. Women lose hair from overall thinning from hair all over the scalp (top of their head mainly) but progress much slower than men. In which case, it is possible for women to have a better chance at treating their hair loss early once they notice the first signs of it. 

Can Women Get Hair Restoration?

In short: yes. Depending on the stage of hair loss, women can find hair supplements in Canada or hair loss products to help combat early signs of female pattern baldness. If hair loss is a byproduct of another medical condition or treatment (i.e. thyroid issues or cancer treatments), best to consult not only with your doctor but consult with a hair clinic in Calgary for insight. 

The professionals at a clinic can suggest various forms of treatment, such as non-surgical hair restoration or certain hair transplant surgery. For the most part, you can expect great success for growth with hair restoration based on the quality of your scalp – namely regarding hair transplants. Typically, the range of successful growth is between 50% to 70% with a less than stellar scalp, but those with a good foundation with their scalp can expect a 95% success rate. 

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